C’est quoi?

Cardio Boxe is not one coach giving a boxing class in a gym. It’s many coaches giving boxing classes in many gyms. All over the world.

Cardio Boxe is a movement.

If you train in a boxing gym the chances are you will do some cardio work during your session.
You’re doing cardio boxe. You’re already part of the movement.

Would you like to help kids perhaps less fortunate than yourself get into a sport you already love?

Well here’s how you can:

Cardio Boxe offers a range of training equipment such as hand wraps, skipping ropes, boxing gloves, water bottles, towels, and clothing. For every item sold by our organization, a percentage of that sale goes to our charitable fund.

The charitable fund promotes healthy living, and helps reduce poverty by providing sports equipment, and gym memberships for those in need.

Thank you for your support and for being involved.